Upload Files to JK Creative
File Submission Guidelines

When sending multiple files to us, we prefer you first copy all necessary files to a folder and then compress the folder with WinZip, Stuffit or some other file compression software. You can then choose the folder or drag it to the box on the page. Click the Upload Files button and the file will immediately upload to our file server. You will receive a confirmation email that your file(s) were successfully sent and our CSR’s will be notified that you sent files for production. For questions or help loading your files, please contact Brenda Yount at 217-222-5145 or email her at 

Jobs that are sent into JK Creative Printers should adhere to these guidelines as closely as possible. By meeting these guidelines, there is a greater opportunity to reduce the overall cost of your job, by reducing the amount of time that we spend altering, correcting or preparing your file. And subsequently the faster it will move through our shop.

The requirements are fairly straight-forward and if you take them into consideration prior to starting the job, they will not be a problem at the completion of your job.

For PDF files:
Make sure the PDF is high resolution. If you supply us with a low resolution PDF the output results may not be what you want.

We offer a PDF printer preset that you can add to your list of printers when making a PDF. When printing to that preset, it will make the PDF exactly with our setting. Contact Brenda Yount at or call her at 217-222-5145 and she will send to you that printer preset. 

For Open files:
These types of files are Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Corel and etc. When you send this type of file to us, you will need to supply all of the elements that go with that job. Items such as fonts, images, and any artwork that may have been placed or used on your pages. If you are using Quark or InDesign this process has been simplified by the manufacturer, all other programs will require that you collect these elements manually. On a PC this can be difficult when it comes to locating your fonts. With Quark and InDesign you have a function within the program that will gather all of the elements, including your fonts and package them for sending to us. In Quark it is called “Collect for Output” and InDesign calls it “Package”.

For Conventional Jobs:

All colors and images should be CMYK, PMS colors should not be altered and should be specified correctly.
•Images should be 300 dpi and placed at 100% in the document.
If the design calls for images or colors to bleed, there should be a minimum of one-eighth of an inch (.125) on all sides that trim.
•The document size should be the same as the trim size of the final piece.